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25 June 2022:  Heartiest congrats to our newly elected/reelected Board Members

of TCHVA. As a result of the nominations and votes of the members in

attendance at our 25 June 2022 TCHVA Business Meeting our new Board is:

Chairman:  Phil Leblanc

President:  Steve Holliday

Vice President: Bruce Mikolaitis 

Secretary:  Garry Collins

Treasurer:  Dennis Paul

Chaplain:  Lee Edwardsen

Ship 's Store:  John Ebata

Newsletter:  Dave Neimeyer

Webmasters:  Mark Lamboni & Dan Vasconcellos 

13 June 2019:  Congratulations to the members of our TCHVA Officers Board
who were selected and approved by the members attending our 2019 Reunion
in Rapid City SD from 4-9 June 2019.  We thank Steve Garcia for his
dedication, insights, and calming hand as our outgoing Board Chairman and
welcome Ron Church as new Chairman as he moves up from his prior role
as President.  Thank you Ron for leading the Association these past two years. 
We welcome Philip Leblanc as our newly nominated and unanimously 
approved President, and our new Vice President (and first-time attendee!)
Stephen 'Doc' Holliday the position vacated by Phil who, as indicated, was
unanimously approved as President.  Thanks
We also bid farewell and our most "Hartfelt" thanks to our outgoing Treasurer 
Randy Groen who has fulfilled this role since the beginning of TCHVA.  Randy 
will still remain with us as member and consultant to the new Treasurer Dennis 
Paul, also a first-timer to the reunions.  Thanks Dennis for stepping up and
assuming this important position and function.
All of our standing Officers agreed to continue for another 2 years in their
positions, and were also unanimously approved by the member attendees. 

Our Charter


TCHVA Officers for 2019-2021

TCHVA Officers/Staff 2019

Back Row L-R: Lee Edwardsen (Chaplain), Mark Lamboni (Webmaster), Ron Church (Chairman), Dennis Paul (Treasurer), Phil LeBlanc (President)

Front Row L-R: John Ebata (Storekeeper), David Neimeyer (Newsletter Editor), Garry Collins (Secretary), Steve Holliday (Vice President)