2019 Reunion Planning - Rapid City SD

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2019 Reunion Planning - Rapid City SD
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10November 2018:  OK Shipmates!  Below is the link to the official brochure for our 2019 TCHVA Reunion in Rapid City, SD, to be held 4 - 9 June 2019.  Please take time to review the brochure as it contains all the info you will need to decide what events and excursions you may be interested in during this event.  A link that will allow you to make your hotel reservations at our special Thomas C Hart Reunion rate is in the brochure, as well as the reservation form for the Reunion to sign up for the various outings and excursions we have set up for attendees. 

It is a quite venue in a most picturesque and historical part of our country.  We are looking forward to seeing many of you there.  Just simply click on the link below this note and you'll be transferred to the brochure and registration info.

 Again, can't wait to see lots of new faces to join with many of the, well, seasoned attendees from past reunions, each of which has been most successful.   


TCHVA 2019 Reunion Agenda

6 October 2018: Our TCHVA Reunion committee has been working closely with a professional event planner with experience in planning reunion events for various Navy organizations such as our TCHVA.  We have pretty much finalized an agenda, continue to work on costs for different venues, and will soon be working up an information flyer that we'll post here on our web site as well as on the TCH Facebook page and via email.  We are also looking at the easiest manner in which folks can register and pay for this event.  We're also planning to maintain a running roster of who plans to attend and which event(s) they are looking to sign up for.  
We hope that as many of you as possible plan to attend as the Rapid City area is rich with US history, many great sites to see, lots of options for dining and entertainment, and just a great opportunity to catch up with former shipmates (I almost said "old") and their families.  So stay tuned, more to follow soon!  

14 August 2018: Our event planner for the Rapid City, SD 2019 TCHVA Reunion has our inputs and recommendations and is beginning to look at a fun filled agenda that will take advantage of a great location.  Lots to see and do in and around Rapid City, and finding a nice pace for our tours, events, dinner and simply allowing time to gather, relax and catch up on the good old days takes quite a bit of thought, as our planners for previous reunions will no doubt attest.  We're also looking at how to make registering for the event (rooms, excursions, fees, banquet, etc.) as simple as possible, as well as keeping everyone aware of who has plans to attend and events in which they are interested.  As plans become more polished, we'll certainly get the word out via as many means as possible!   

26 June 2018:  Planning is moving along for our 4 - 8 June 2019 TCHVA Reunion event in Rapid City S.D., a city and surrounding area rich in U.S. history with so many sites to enjoy.  We are working with an experienced events planner who has worked with other ship veteran associations in planning their reunion events.  As mentioned elsewhere in this web site, there's Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial, the Badlands and Custer National Parks, the Black Hills Forest, Deadwood, Wall Drug, air and space museums, the Walk of the Presidents, trolley tours and much, much more we're looking at for the event.  
So please keep checking back periodically to our web site or Facebook page to see if there is any new information.  We promise to post any updates as soon as we can confirm it.  Cheers!

4 April 2018:  Just to get a feel of the wonderful opportunities our June 2019 TCHVA Reunion in Rapid City SD should provide, please check out the links below to some brochures and info on the region.  So much history and sights to visit.  If you have any thoughts on "must see or do" things for the Reunion itinerary, don't hesitate to use the Contact Us link to drop us a note.  The Reunions have been successes in the past because of your involvement and interest!!! 

South Dakota Visitors Guide

Rapid City SD Visitor Information

History Of Rapid City SD

30 December 2018:  Early planning has our TCHVA Reunion looking at the period 4-8 June 2019 as the target date for the next event in Rapid City, SD.  We have been working with a professional event planner to help us look at timing, activities, costs for accomodations/hospitality/banquet facilities, dining options, etc., all of which are important to ensure we again have a great venue to enjoy.  We are looking for dates that will not be in conflict with other major activities or events that occur in and around the Rapid City (such as the premier motorcycle biker rally in Sturgis).  As always we are looking for ideas, suggestions, and mostly any volunteers who'd like to help in the planning and coordination for the event.  So stay tuned for more info as we continue to plan for our reunion.  Those who have attended in the past, for the most part, really enjoyed the comradery, itineraries, events, accomodations and the chance to rekindle friendships, make new ones, and break out those sea stories that, ahem, for the most part, are still humorous if not technically accurate.     

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