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13 June 2017: At the 2017 TCHVA Reunion in Minneapolis, MN, the membership considered a request to form a new TCHVA Auxiliary group.  As approved unanimously by the membership in attendance at the Reunion, the Auxiliary will be comprised of spouses, other family members, significant others or friends of TCHVA who would like to share their time, talents, energy and enthusiasm in promoting our Association and contributing where they can to make TCHVA bigger and even better. 
We are examining ways to incorporate the Auxiliary into the Association, how to obtain and validate membership (there should be no cost to spouses or immediate family of members who are current in their dues), any formalized structure of this group (ie., will their be officers, POC's, etc.), and how to submit feedback, recommendations or ideas to the TCHVA. 
So more to follow on that, and as soon as I can get an Auxiliary POC, will let you know more.