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Planning Efforts 

11 August 2019: We have contracted for the hotel and dates for the 2021 TCHVA Reunion in Northern, VA.  The dates for the reunion will be 22 - 27 June 2021, and our hotel will be the Westin, Dulles International Airport, in Herndon, VA.  There are still a few contractual odds and ends we're cleaning up, but all in all we have been offered a great rate for the area and times associated with our reunion.  More info to follow in the coming weeks/months.  But not too early to get that "Hold the Date" reminder on your calendars!!!!
Preliminary itinerary as follows:
  • Tues 22 Jun 2021 - Check-in/Hospitality Suite open ~1500.
  • Weds 23 Jun 2021 - Tour(s)/Event(s)
  • Thurs 24 Jun 2021 - Tour(s)/Event(s)
  • Fri 25 Jun 2021 - Tour(s)/Event(s)
  • Sat 26 Jun 2021 - Business Meeting (AM)/Free Time/Banquet (PM)
  • Sun 27 Jun 2021 - Check-out (AM) 

15 July 2019Northern Virginia has been voted upon to be the location of our 2021 TCHVA Reunion.  21 members who attended the recent TCHVA Reunion in Rapid City, SD were polled on the three nominated locations, those being Mobile AL, San Antonio TX, and the winning site of Northern Virginia.  Northern Virginia received twice as many first place votes as compared to the other two sites. 

As with this last reunion, we will work closely with our event planner for determining the best timeframe and hotel location/facilities/cost from which to plan our agenda.  We will again look for a nice hotel that affords they types of amenities that most folks seem to appreciate, such as room cost and services, separate hospitality suite, and a banquet facility.  From there will will look at available tours, sites to see, and locally available places to enjoy shopping, dining, etc.  Anyone familiar with the Northern VA and Washington DC areas know there's so much to see and do within relatively short drives (OK, the drive may be short on distance, but the traffic may add some time) that you may want to consider adding a day or two to your stay/visit to see more.

So stay tuned, Step 1 of the planning is complete, we have the location.  Now to the fun part of creating an enjoyable event for one and all.  Regardless, it just seems the most fun has been gathering together over breakfast or in the hospitality suite to catch up on times past, share some sea stories (which are mostly true I think), talk about our families and just relaxing.


5 July 2019Here's hoping all had a wonderful and safe July 4th celebration with family and friends.  Our attendees at the recent June 2019 TCHVA Reunion in Rapid City, SD have been notified that it is time to cast their votes for their first and second preferences for the location of the 2021 TCHVA Reunion.  We're hoping to have the voting completed by 1 August 2019.
At our business meeting at the 2019 Reunion, we narrowed down approximately 10 or so suggested locations to three (in no particular order): San Antonio, TX; Northern Virginia; and Savannah GA.  We then provided these locations to our professional reunion planner for a quick review as to viability of each location to meet the requirements we laid out for consideration (including travel, costs, hotel amenities (rooms, pool, food, banquet facility, dedicated hospitality room, dining, bar, etc.), tours and sites of interest, willingness to work with TCHVA for the event, etc.).  

We were then notified by our planner that several military association reunions had either cancelled or rescheduled their event out of Savannah, GA for a number of reasons, and suggested that we reconsider a different location, such as Mobile, AL.  The reunion attendees were then notified and asked to vote to either retain Savannah as an option, or to consider Mobile, AL as an acceptable alternative.  The consensus was to replace Savannah with Mobile.  As such our three options are now San Antonio, TX; Northern VA; and Mobile, AL.
So as of this writing, an email has been sent to each attendee for their vote on the location for the 2021 TCHVA Reunion.  As many of you are aware, especially if you follow our Thomas C. Hart (FF-1092) Facebook page, the 2019 reunion was very successful and enjoyed by all who could attend.  And many of you who could not make it to Rapid City, but have attended our reunions in the past can attest that by and large, they have been enjoyable events.
So stay tuned to this website page as well as our Facebook page for the results of this election and our thoughts and plans moving forward as we put together an agenda for the selected sight.  Trust me, 2021 will be here before you know it!!!! 

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