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Planning Efforts 

20 March 2021:  Please check out the note on the  1MC - Attention All Hands! page for info on an impromptu TCHVA get together at a local campground in Memphis TN from 20 - 27 June 2021!  Garry Collins, John Ebata and Jerry Leatherwood are putting this together and they hope some others would enjoy joining them.  Check it out!

7 March 2021:  Regrettably, due to the continued uncertainty of the COVID pandemic and other concerns of security and travel in the Washington DC Capitol Region, the TCHVA Board, in conjunction with our event planner, have decided to cancel the TCHVA Reunion scheduled 22-26 June 2021 in the Herndon VA/Washington DC areas.  Please click on the below link for additional information regarding this decision and the event.  We deeply regret having to make this difficult decision, but we want our reunion to be fun filled, engaging and social, and we simply cannot guarantee that at this time.  With some luck and continued dilligence, we hope to have the event rescheduled next year, same location, same hotel, same or very similar venue.  We apprecaite your continued support and understanding.

Click Here for June 2021 TCHVA Reunion Cancellation Info

11 January 2021:  Happy New Year to all!  Hope 2021 will be the year to bring an end to the horrible Covid pandemic and allow the country to get back to some semblance of normalcy.

Even more exciting news is we now have a pamphlet laying out the agenda for our June 2021 TCHVA Reunion in the greater Washington DC/Herndon VA region.  So please take a moment to look at the below link for that pamphlet to see what we've got planned and how to register for the hotel and the events.  We're really hopeful the pandemic will be under control and we can hold this reunion.  But we are proceeding with caution and all of the vendors have been most accomodating.

Click Here for June 2021 TCHVA Reunion Brochure

28 December 2020:  We only have a couple of events to nail down for the 22-27 June 2021 TCHVA Reunion in the Herndon VA/Washington DC area.  Hopefully the country will have figured out this Covid pandemic, and with the new vaccines and practices, we will be able to conduct our reunion event with little to no restrictions.  We are working closely with our event planning team to lock in an itinerary with all the necessary safeguards and guarantees that afford us the greatest flexibility given the existing, and projected, health concerns.
We hope to have a final agenda out to everyone by mid- to late January 2021, and at this time, we're estimating a March 2021 "Go or No Go" cutoff date for the event.  We want to ensure that when the reunion takes place, it will be in the safest and most secure environment for all.  That is paramount for our planning efforts.  So please check back periodically for the latest info. 

23 November 2020:  We are continuing to refine our itinerary for the 22 - 27 June 2021 TCHVA Reunion in the Herndon VA / Washington DC area.  We have the hotel already reserved.  Once we know for certain this reunion will happen, taking in all necessary health precautions, we will post a link/info for making hotel reservations.  It should be noted that on Saturday, 26 June 2021, after our Business Meeting, we are working to get a shuttle or bus to take interested folks to the Udvar-Hazy Museum in Herndon (about 10 minutes or so from the hotel).  This museum is an Annex to the larger Smithsonian Air & Space Center.  Among other artifacts incuded are the Space Shuttle Discovery, the Enola Gay WWII bomber, and the Gemini 7 space capsule. So stay tuned!

Click Here For Latest Reunion Itinerary

2 October 2020:  We are continuing our planning efforts with our 2021 TCHVA Reunion event coordinator for this reunion.  We will be based out of Herndon VA, just a short ride from downtown Washington DC where most of our tours will be focused.  All planning efforts are contingent on the status of this terrible COVID-19 Virus pandemic, and we are assured that all of the companies and organizations we have been in touch with have the safety of our folks as priority #1.  We will continue to move ahead with plans cautiously, and at this time we don't expect to commit to any venue until early next year at the soonest.  At this time we are looking to include the following in our itinerary:

- US Capitol and the Mall Museums

- Arlington National Cemetary and Mount Vernon

- Options to pick and choose additional various Mall Museums and National Memorials

- Dedication of our ship plaque at the US Navy Memorial 

- Udvar-Hazy Air & Space Museum (near our hotel in Herndon VA)

Our plans also include a dedicated Hospitality Room where we can gather to renew old friendships, make new friendships, meet families and friends who choose to join us, swap sea stories (seems evry reunion they get a little taller and fuzzier), and just kick back and relax with a nice beverage and some munchies.  We will also plan on a dedicated Banquet Room for our Saturday evening banquet, group and individual photo sessions, and any announcements stemming from our TCHVA Business Meeting earlier that day.

Again, this is all premised on having a safe and healthy environment within which to operate.  So stay tuned, say a prayer or two, and hope for the best.  If nothing else, Ya' Gotta Have Hart!!! 

22 August 2020: We have been in contact with our event planner looking ahead to our June 2021 Reunion in Reston VA/Wahington DC.  We are starting to put together a portfolio of events & sites that we'd like to consider for this event to see how we can best coordinate transportation to and from these various events.  In some cases, like visiting the Mall in DC, where folks can walk to various sites or use public transit (bus/metro) to see others, we are estimating departure and pickup times to and from our hotel to afford ample time to complete the day and still leave time for dinner and enjoying time in our Hospitality Room (where the stories are funny and the tales keep getting taller).  So stay tuned as we hope to have a rough itinerary completed soon.
As always, these plans are tentative in view of the current COVID-19 pandemic.  Our efforts for this event will always take the safety and health of our shipmates and families in mind. 

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