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Welcome to TCHVA Online Membership Enrollment.  Here you can renew your membership in TCHVA or join us for the very first time without the hassle of downloading & printing the Membership form, writing a check, or searching for an envelope and stamp.   We use the services of  PayPal which enables our members to use a Debit card, Credit card, or their PayPal account to process the Membership fees.  There is no extra charge to you for this service.   TCHVA does not capture, transfer, or see any of your Credit/Debit card information. 

Simply click on the "Donate" credit card icon below to begin.  You'll notice the security "padlock" icon in the lower right hand part of your screen when you click on the icon.  That's your sign that the transaction is encrypted and secure.  When you are finished with the payment, you'll get a confirmation email from Paypal and a note will appear on this site directing you back here to this page.  Return to this page and complete the Membership Form at the bottom of the page.  Voila' - your'e finished!  You'll be reporting aboard in a few short minutes! 

Our Treasurer, Dennis Paul will get confirmation of your payment and he'll also receive your online membership form.  We're looking forward to welcoming you aboard! 

CLICK "DONATE" ICON TO JOIN/RENEW ONLINE SECURELY WITH DEBIT/CREDIT CARD OR PAYPAL ACCOUNT.  When the secure link opens, please enter the amount you would like to send as dues.  The minimum membership period is two years ($20) and is based on the calendar year (beginning with January) of joining.  We collect dues on a two year basis to reduce the administrative burden on our volunteer staff and to expand your time between renewals.  As an option, you may add addtional funds in 1 year increments of $10.  Example:  3 year membership is $30; four year membership is $40, etc..

After your payment process, please fill in the membership form below. You will receive a confirmation notice and additional information, including instructions to enter the “members only” section of our web-site. Thanks.  

Complete this step before completing the Membership Form below!  Thanks 

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TCHVA Online Membership Form
(Please complete the Dues Payment process above before completing this form)
Also, for the purposes of creating/maintaining our Master File, please ensure to incude your address, city, state and zip on the form.  Thanks! 

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