USS Thomas C. Hart Comemorative Plaque

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USS Thomas C. Hart Comemorative Plaque
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A sincere THANK YOU to all the following shipmates who so generously donated to the USS Thomas C. Hart Commemorative Plaque Fund Drive.  Our drive started on 13 November 2019 and completed on 3 December 2019. Your donations will make it possible for our ship to be memorialized in the US Navy Memorial in Washington DC.

Here is a picture of the final design you all voted on for dedication at the Navy Memorial in Washington DC.  Again, our sincerest thanks to all who contributed, to all who served onboard, and every shipmate who will have the opportunity to visit the Navy Memorial and see our plaque.


Ronald Babb
John Batton 
Ron Bayliss
Todd Black
Ron Church
Garry Collins
Peter Coste
Bill Cox
Dave Cymerman
John Ebata
Peter Ford
Brian Franklin
Robert Giles
Scott Hines
Steve Holliday
Jeff Ishee
Michael Jones 
Mark Lamboni

Toby Layman 
Jerry Leatherwood 
Phil LeBlanc
Glenn Marshall
Jack McKinzie
James Morgan
Brian Neihart
Dave Neimeyer 
Louis Nick
Matt Panella
Sean Patton
Dennis Paul
Robert Rooks
Dan Schubert
William Shank
James Stevens
Mark Truitt 
Daniel Vasconcellos 

We have made our down payment to the Navy Memorial for our commemorative placque, and now that we have decided on a final design, we will pay off the balance and have the Navy Memorial designer go into final production.  And again, none of this would be possible without your contributions and dedication to preserving the memory of our great ship and namesake.

You all definitely have Hart!

Click Here for video of RMC McKenzie's TCH Plaque