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11 August 2021 - Check out the latest info on the 2021 TCHVA Reunion in Northern VA currently planned for 22 - 27 June 2021.

15 July 2019:  The votes are in and Northern Virginia has been selected for our 2021 TCHVA Reunion.  Over the course of the next 18 months or so we will be working on the specific timeframe and tours/events for that get-together.  So please check the 20121 TCHVA Reunion page or our USS Thomas C. Hart (FF 1092) Facebook page for updates.

8 July 2019: It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of one of our former TCH Commanding Officers and steadfast supporter of TCHVA CAPT John (Skip) MacMichael.  Skip passed away peacefully on 4 July 2019 with his wife Jo at his side.  His obituary is available and is posted in the Eternal Deployment page.  Our thoughts and prayers go with Jo and the rest of the MacMichael family on his passing.

5 July 2019: Please take a moment to check out the new 2021 TCHVA Reunion page on the Navigation bar to the left of this page.  There's some new info there, and as plans unfold for the 2021 Reunions, updates will be posted there.

18 June 2019: Please take a moment to check on The Man page on the left concerning our ship's namesake Thomas C. Hart.  Our current TCHVA President Phil LeBlanc came across an interesting quote in the strangest of places during his travels home to Massachussetts from Rapid City SD.

13 June 2019: Please visit the Reunion 2019 - Rapid City SD page for a report on this year's event and plans for 2021!

4 June 2019:  Ta Dah!  It's Reunion Day in Rapid City SD.  Former shipmates, families and significant others are coming together as we speak to enjoy a great venue and what is promising to be outstanding weather.  Stay tuned to the 2019 Reunion Planning page for additional info, pictures, news atc. as the week progresses. 

17 January 2018:  Please take a moment to check out a new link in the Related Links tab to the left that provides a link to a website that provides info on locating military unit histories and individual service records of discharged, retired and deceased military personnel.  This guide also provides info on locating and replacing military awards and medals.  It includes contact info for military history centers, websites for additional sources of research, and bibliographies of other related publications.  

In general, this page is where we'll list announcements, items of interest, and news about shipmates.  If you'd like to post information here, please click the link and let us know.  Also, more importantly, if you know the whereabouts or how to contact other TCH shipmates who aren't TCHVA members or registered on our sailing list, please submit that information as well so we may contact them. 
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Welcome shipmates.  If you would like to share your contact information with our TCHVA members, please complete the form below.  This information will not ever be made public or shared with any non-TCHVA member.  By providing your contact information, we will incorporate the information in our master TCHVA database to which TCHVA members have access.  Thanks

Contact information (info will only be shared with TCHVA Members):
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As the founder, past President, and current Secretary of TCHVA, I'd  like to thank everyone who has helped build the Association!  The membership has grown and we continue to grow!  Those of you who are  visiting the site for the first time searching for shipmates or glimpses of the past, I'd urge you to consider joining the Association and above all, attending the upcoming Newport reunion!  Unless you have attended a reunion, you just can't imagine the feeling when you are suddenly face to face with your shipmates from decades ago!  The memories of foreign ports, liberty adventures, the faces of shipmates, and much more all come flooding back to your mind!  

When I started TCHVA years ago as a labor of love, I did so because my days on TCH were some the best of my 22 year career!  TCH was a great ship; we had great leaders in our CO's, a hard working and superbly talented crew, and one heck of a lot of fun!  Naturally, there were times we'd all like to forget as well but when the "big picture" is considered -  TCH stands out as one great tour!  As you may know the TCH is now in the hands of the Turks, and some say, she is destined for scrapping soon.  While that would be unfortunate, we who sailed her know that the ship is just a mechanical "thing".  A ship can do NOTHING without a crew.  What really gives life and spirit to a ship is the crew that puts her to sea!  You were the very "HEART" OF HART.  It is that "HEART" that we gather to celebrate and remember.  It is all about you - the crew of TCH!  Godspeed!

 Garry Collins (Suppo 86-89) 

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Submitted by Kerry Long

Commissioning day VIP's:  RADM Rumble, First District Commandant, Congressman Joe Moakley, Penny Hart Bragonier, LCDR Ronald Forst, and Caroline Brownson Hart, Penny's mother and widow of Admiral Hart.  

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Where did the phrase "Ya Gotta Have Hart" originate? Click here to find out!

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Attention TCHVA Members! - Has your email address or other personal information changed?  If so, please report it here so we can update our records.  


Click here to email Secretary about your dues status!

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Captain F. Richard "Dick" Whalen, USN (ret), CO (81 - 83) is also an accomplished artist, specializing in marine art.  Click the below links to learn more about Captain Whalen and his art!

Click to read about CAPT Whalen's art!

Click to see CAPT Whalen's Ad

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Tommy Sexton has found some interesting reflections.  Click the "Navy Experience" link below to bring back some shared memories of your Navy LIfe. 

The Navy Experience!

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Photo courtesy of Capt Dick Whalen
TCH transits Germany's Keil Canal enroute "Kieler Woche"
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All Hands (TCH Vets Only) - Click the "Yellow Banner" below to visit the Ship's Office so you can add your name to the Master Sailing List for TCH!
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Report Deceased Shipmates here

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