Sea Stories: Dave Altwies

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EN1 Thornton's story. That was a rough evening. Remember the Haze Gray Ford Dullie that belonged to one of the other command's Command Master Chief that was laid to rest on the pylons on the pier next to us? Now that was funny!

I remember on RMC Lambert's first tour on Hart and we were holding a burn run on the fantail in a 55-gal drum that the engineers were kind enough to make for us. The chief was out there with us most of the time to make sure none of the classified material went overboard since we were sitting in the middle of a Soviet SAG with the Baku and others sitting close by. The was one great MED cruise!
Does anyone remember when Danny Frank HTFN got stuck in the gas pipe of one of those big tankers in dry dock in Palermo, Sicily? Everytime you turned around, he was either falling off a cliff (Taranto, Italy), getting stuck in a pipe, or something. Capt. Stevens kept him on the most liberty risk of all the cruises I've been on. Thank God he di
dn't kill himself.

For those that weren't there for the times I have described, this all occured during Med '88, my last cruise on Hart. "Thanks for the memories."

Dave - I sure remember those events.  Especially, FN Frank getting stuck in the pipe and the part about FN Frank falling off the cliff;  LCDR Morrissey and I won the draw to go to that nasty Italian hospital in Taranto to retrieve our shipmate.  He was pretty banged up (perhaps a bit inebriated too) but we got him back to the ship OK.  I tell you, I vividly remember the six inches of trash/garbage in the hospital elevator and the "aide" attending to FN Frank had about a weeks worth of unshaved whiskers.  That whole place was a nightmare!   I'd sure have to think I had to go that hospital for any reason!  Garry Collins LT Suppo 86-89.

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