Sea Story: Dave Ackerman

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My hat off to the crew.

I had the pleasure of serving with 3 CO's.

The first was Big Red. I boarded the ship in Bahrain in 1980. My Chief, McG$#@ (to protect the innocent) went on a tear. The Petty officer that greeted me, Bear, hurried me to Gun Plot so we may hide. My first assignment was the word room. It was there that I had the pleasure of meeting the Man.

The second was Mr. Whalen. I still wonder how he got us those ports of call, but never the less, I need to thank him. Thanks. He posted that we lost a keel anchor, well Sir, that aint the only thing the crew lost in Allborg.

Lastly was Skip MacMichael. I left the Ship in Bahrain under his Command. Isnt it amazing how we come to full circle in the Navy?

Anyhow boys, May your boats rock and roll like a good North Atlantic ride.