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1986 Cruise, we are at anchorage in a port I don't recall, but Cinderella Libs are in effect. I am on the last launch back to the ship, and my shore buddy, MM3 Hauge has wandered off and missed the launch. I get up for watch the next morning and he is in is rack. Here, he had swam from shore and climbed the anchor chain, then reported in to the quarterdeck. Think he pulled "C" libs for a while after that.

Unknown date, Just that it scared the hell out of me.

Engineers are told that if a main steam line (1600 psi) ruptures, you might as well bend over an kiss you a** goodbye. I was going on watch in Aux 1, and as I was going downladder, I hear a loud bang and see this cloud of steam coming at me. Of course I repeated the requisite swearing but was suprised to find the steam was actually dust. The starboard Prairie Masker flex hose had bust. I was shaking the entire watch.

Sometime in 1987, we were heading to GTMO for REFTRA and the diesel went out (again). So we pulled back in to the carrier piers, right next to the Saratoga, which had just had a collision with an oiler. Remember being able to see through it to the other ship's?

And Lastly, remember why we went to Ocho Rios, Jamaica in 85? We were in GTMO for REFTRA, and the commanding admiral of GTMO wanted red clay for the baseball diamonds. At least that is what we were told in the hole.

I Reenlisted after being out for 2 and a half years, but none of my other ships compared to the Tommychuck.


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