Sea Stories: Steve Holliday

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I have so many memories, I could sit here for hours reminiscing of all the good things.

After I was stationed in Hawaii, I got to go on a WESTPAC but our TCH MED cruises out did all;  Ste.Cyr Sur Mer, France stands out above all. STG2 Cowboy Coleman and I met a very nice family in 1986 and in 1988 we were fortunate to go back to this fine port. Upon liberty call, BT3 Munden and myself set out to find this nice family and we were walking down the beach. All of a sudden, this family I met two years earlier screamed at me excited and started running to me with open arms calling out my name. I've always thought that was pretty special because this has never happened anywhere else I have been.

Also I will never forget when IC1 Higgins (Papa Smurf) passed out in the middle of the square in Ste.Cyr Sur Mer during a Statue of Liberty celebration. I was chosen to ride to Toulon in the ambulance with him. What a ride we had in and out of traffic. It was very hard to keep from landing on the floor. And there were no seat belts where we were sitting. I can't remember who else enjoyed that ride. Someone else went with me.

Anybody remember watching mess deck movies behind the screen? I remember being on Sounding & Security watch and passing a few shipmates standing along the serving line becuase all the other seats were taken.

Another memory I will never forget. When I was frocked as HT2, For some reason I had made MM2 Phil Kahn mad. He came in to DC Central to tack my crow on. He knocked me clear accross DC Central. No, I never made him mad at me again.  Lesson very well learned!