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After the Philly yard period, a fancy work iron grille/screen was installed along the messdecks serving line with USS THOMAS C. HART on it. Soon after, some letters began disappearing. what was left read "HOMA HAR". This became her nickname while i was aboard. After, of course "The BOHICA CHUCK".(BOHICA= Bend Over, Here It Comes Again). During our REFTRA at GITMO, Jw Dxxxxxn, Steve Axxxn And Myself left a BOHICA CHUCK tag on the seawall. We later used a painting float and tagged another ship, a cruiser i think, with "HOMA HAR" on her stern. it was a great morale booster to see as we left port the next morning.  Chief MAA Beagle Dog's investigation was something like " better not happen again, or we might have to ask some questions". Wonder if anybody else remembers this>