Sea Story: Dick Whalen

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Eventhough I had the good fortune to serve as PreCom skipper of AEGIS Cruiser MOBILE BAY 85-88, HARTwill always be special. The sea stories are endless:
 The infamous "keel" anchor dropping off out of site somewhere in the waters off Aalborg, DENMARK. Metal failure of the stock and we steamed around without it unknowingly for 2 mos in EMED and only discovered the missing object when we tried to put the anchor underfoot on arrival in Norfolk. Here's how it went;
    Foc'sle - Bridge        "put the anchor under foot"
    Bridge - Foc'sle        " Sir, the anchor won't drop"
    Weps - Bridge          " Call the divers"
    Bridge - Weps          " Aye Sir" 
    Divers - Captain        "Sir, you do NOT have a keel anchor...just a big empty hole"
    Captain - Weps        " CASREP C4 for loss of anchor"
    Weps - Captain        (One month later) " Sir, a flatbed is on the pier with a new anchor they found in a New Hampshire pasture! All the FF CO's are over looking at it 'cause they've never seen one."
    Weps - Captain       " Paint the new anchor GOLD. Assemble all the Sailors who have  shipped over this year and take a picture in front of the "Golden Anchor"; Then...figure out how to get the anchor off the truck, rehook it to the anchor chain, and FINALLY, "put the anchor underfoot!".
* Truth: the anchor stock failed due bad casting and probably fell to the seabed in the North Sea. There is probably a eternally dedicated E2 "Stoof" pilot up there 25 years later calling out "MADMAN..MADMAN"!
And...we did win the Golden Anchor....